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What are the benefits of private pay?

If you pay for your own counseling, your records are kept totally confidential aside from the legal exceptions to confidentiality. If you use an insurance company, your mental health diagnosis and basic counseling becomes a part of your electronic health records. These records can be read by other health professionals, your insurance company and possibly the Human Resources of your company. A good lawyer or computer hacker can often pull up these records. My counseling records are not recorded into any computer system.

What are the legal limits to confidentiality?

Your records are kept private. By law, there are exceptions to keeping counseling sessions confidential. The main acceptations are, a request (release) by you to send information to a 3rd party, divulging information about abuse of a minor, a mentally incapacitated person or an elderly person, reporting a future threat of serious harm to someone including yourself (suicide plans), a medical emergency or a natural disorder that compromises the security of your records (example: a tornado hitting the building) and an order by a judge.

What are your references?

Connie Bernardy a MN state representative has written me a reference. I also have email references from Jody Helseth, MA, LPCC, RPT, Paul Meunier (Director of the Youth Intervention programs (Director of Services for YIPA), and Mary Elofson (former director of the Lee Carlson Center).

What is the success rate for someone in therapy?

Counseling is a very private manner. Most of my clients have reported feeling better once they complete therapy. In the past, I have had clients report getting custody of their children, staying in their marriage, choosing to get married, feeling more confident in their parenting issues, healing old wounds, and enjoying their life more.

What is the average length of the counseling sessions?

The length of sessions is largely determined by the client and what they wish to accomplish. The average length is 10-18 weeks.

How do you find a Counselor that is right for you?

First, you want to use an experienced Counselor. Second, find out their counseling style and decide if it is a method you would feel comfortable with in the session. Third, make sure your issues are compatible with the expertise and areas of focus of that therapist. Finally, counselors/therapists are people. You need to look for a personality that you are compatible with and find reassuring enough to be able to open up and talk. ​

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