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Why would I spend the money for a counseling conversation?

It is an important investment in yourself that can lead to a Happier, Healthier and more Positive Life.

Counseling Conversations a division of Counseling for a Better Life PLLC doesn't take insurance,

how is that an advantage for me?​​

Insurance companies require a diagnosis before paying for treatment. Many of us are just struggling with life issues like loss, relationship problems or building self-confidence. Therefore, people put off seeking help because they don't want to be labeled with a behavioral or mental diagnosis. Using insurance also leaves a permanent health record of your counseling issues. Private

pay will help you keep your issues confidential and private. If you do not use insurance, there will be no electronic record of your counseling and therefore other medical professionals, insurance companies, HR of your company or a good lawyer or hacker will not be able to get into your computer files because there will not be a record.

How do we get started?

Once you feel you have enough information, then you can make an appointment on this website for your first session. If you want to just talk about a general issue that’s all you’ll need to do. If you would like regular conversations to go in more depth, the counselor will want to get some background info. She can take down that info over the phone. 

What are the main costs?

The cost is only for the time of the appointment. It is $1.00/a minute so 25 minutes is $25.00. But this is such an easy, simple way to get the supportive talk you need. Check it out. Medical therapy runs $150 to $300 an hour.

How can you charge low rates?

I charge low rates because I do not bill the insurance companies. Each insurance company does things differently and they require a lot of paperwork. I therefore have decided not to bill the insurance companies but pass the savings onto my clients. 

Do you take insurance?

No, you must pay in advance by PayPal or major credit card.

How long have you been a professional therapist?

Vicki Langemo has been a counselor for 20 years. She did an internship at Bethel College for one year. Vicki worked for 17 years at a large counseling agency called the Lee Carlson Center for Mental Health & Well-being in Minneapolis, MN. and has had her own private practice for 3 years.

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