If you are in need of some Supportive, Professional and Effective Counseling Conversation…. or a Comfort Call for Seniors, Elderly or the Home-Bound  

Minneapolis, Minnesota based Counseling by phone from a Master’s in Counseling Psychology

Counseling  Conversations

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Counseling\Comfort Calls:

Counseling Conversations is Easy, Simple, Convenient and Low Cost. It gives you Couples counseling, counseling coping skills and counseling psychology.  All you need to do is click and answer your phone at the appointment time!​

Comfort Calls for Seniors, Elderly, Home-bound or the Lonely:  

An uplifting conversation can make your day. Think of how much a cheerful voice lifts your spirit. Comfort Calls from Counseling Conversations can do just that. Vicki will be delighted to give you an encouraging, supportive and friendly chat whenever you schedule a call. It is a simple way to add to your support system. Talking with a caring person has proven to relieve loneliness, reduce stress and take away the blues. It also makes a great Gift Idea for someone you care about. Break the silence…..Try it Today! 


​Appointments are for Tuesday, Wednesday and Thursdays from 10 AM to 6 PM Central time. 
​Cost depends on the amount of time you set. Just $25 for 25 minutes. Easy and Low Cost